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Grammarly is much more than a spellchecker. Grammarly works in your browser and Microsoft Outlook and Word applications. I highly recommend getting the paid plan especially if you write content on websites. Typos, poor grammar, and bad punctuation will negatively impact your credibility and in turn, really impact your conversions.

A great feature of Grammarly is its rephrasing capability. If there is a better way to write a sentence, Grammarly will show you a better version, and all you need to do is click the suggestion and it replaces the original sentence.

Grammarly Payout

The Grammarly payout to affiliates is:

  • 20¢ per free account sign-up
  • $20 per paid plan

Grammarly Affiliate Website

When you sign-up as a Grammarly affiliate, you go to!/dashboard (shown below) to access the Dashboard with current statistics like conversions and payout.

Grammarly quick stats screenshot

Click on All Offers and then click on the ad you wish to view or use.

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See below for your affiliate link, assets (images), and more

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